Sunday, June 17, 2007

Solidarity Iran Conference

Iran Opposition Solidarity Paris Gathering Succeeds

June 17, 2007
Iran va Jahan
IRVAJ Network


The ‘Solidarity Iran’s’ assembly concluded its last session in Paris on Sunday 17th June with the election of 21 member coordinating council.

The assembly also adopted three documents; on the state of affairs in Iran, on the organizational structure and the identity of the body charged with carrying the work of ‘Solidarity Iran’ forward.

The Assembly capped a process that started with the participation of activists from the left to the right, from republicans to monarchists and secular Muslims. The Assembly added the active participation of representatives of major Kurdish, Azeri, Baluchi, Turkmen and Bakhtiari organizations.

Through participants work with the youth, women, workers and ethnic groups in Iran, 'Solidarity Iran' will now start work on connecting protest movements inside the country with those in the international community who care for the Iranian people against religious tyranny.

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