Friday, July 08, 2011

H.E. PM Hossein Ala

A rare clip of H.E. Prime Minister Ala (1951; 1955-1957), who at the time of this newsreel from 1946 was Imperial Iran's UN Ambassador as well as Ambassador to the U.S., delivers Iran's case against the USSR over the Soviet occupation of the Iranian Azarbaijan.

During the Pahlavi Era we had exemplary and patriotic statesmen, diplomats and officials such as PM Ala who were at the service of their country and worked tirelessly to protect and further the interests of Iran. With the advent of the Islamist takeover in 1979, Iran's finest statesmen and military officials were either murdered in summary executions or forced into exile. Today, Iran is run by and represented on the world stage by a group of anti-Iranian islamists who nurture no love for Iran, its people, nor its cultural heritage. Included amongst these islamists are former convicts and rapists! Understandably, Iran today finds herself at one of its lowest and humiliating points in history.

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