Friday, March 26, 2010

1389 - Taazi Year - Norooz

What do those Iranians who use the Taazi (Arabo-Muslim) year of 1389 indirectly promote? That they are proud of:

1389 years of being slaves to a backward, savage, anti-Iranian ideology imposed by the swords of savage Arab invaders

1389 years of being raped by Arabo-Muslims

1389 years in which our children have been sold as sex-slaves to Arabo-Muslims

1389 years since our freedom fighting national heroes, in their last defence for their motherland, where slain and beheaded by the savage Arabo-Muslim hordes

1389 years since the Arabo-Muslim hordes burned, pillaged, and raped our nation

1389 years of a pedophile, thief, rapist, murderer being idolized as a prophet sent by God!

Shame on those who regurgitate this shameful Islamic year instead of using proper Iranian reference points for their cultural new year! Iranian history goes back thousands of years, yet some Iranians shamelessly adopt this shameful Islamic year as their "new year" reference! It cannot get more illogical, sick and twisted than this - it's as if on the same day your father is murdered, mother is raped, siblings sold as sex-slaves, and your house pillaged and burned to the ground by savages and you decide to commemorate and celebrate that date as the reference point for your cultural new year!!! This is how deep Islamic brainwashing is ingrained in the psyche of some Iranians - even the "secular/modern/westernized" ones living in progressive western countries who can freely educate themselves regarding these issues!

Three suggested Iranian years that should be promoted and used are: 7032 (Mitrai Aryan year); 3748 (Zoroastrian year); 2569 (Shahanshahi year). Personally I prefer to use the Shahanshahi year - 2569 - as this the reference point for the formation of the Persian Empire (Iran) as a unified state with defined borders by Cyrus the Great.

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