Saturday, February 13, 2010

22 Bahman - 11 February - National Day of Mourning

22 Bahman (Iranian calendar) or 11 February (1979) is the date the terrorist Islamo-Marxists alliance took over government control in Iran and in the following months an Islamic Republic was established.

As this is the date the Iranian Government fell and the savage Islamists began their rule of summary executions and terror leads this day to be viewed as a day of mourning for Iranians across the world. Numerous anti-regime demonstrations took place across the world on 11 February.

In Iran there was an unprecedented security presence around "Shahyad Square" which is were the Islamic Republic holds its annual "22 Bahman rally" - despite the mass-organisation of the regime they were not able to BUS IN, BRIBE, FORCE and INTIMIDATE more than 50,000-100,000 people from ACROSS the country to participate in their ludicruos rally (footage on state tv was a mixture of photoshopping, select photo-angles to enlarge the crowd size, and footage from previous years!). In the sidestreets of Tehran anti-regime protests took place however where met with brutal force by the Islamic Republic's security forces who had stationed forces across the capital - two people are reported to have been killed and 100's have been arrested. Anti-regime protests also took place in several other cities in Iran such as Esfehan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashad, and Laar. Fellow blogger Potkin Azarmehr has more on the 22 Bahman rallies in Iran.

Here are several clips from anti-regime demonstrations held at Islamist occupied Iranian embassies across the world.

Berlin (Germany):

London (U.K.):

Stockholm (Sweden):

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