Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why did certain Iranian revolt against the late Shah of Iran...

I just wanted to share this excerpt from a compatriot on the topic of "why some Iranians revolted against the late Shah of Iran". Certainly this doesn't discuss all the factors but it has touched upon a few very important factors as to why a large portion of those who took to the streets in 1979 participated in a national mass-suicide - jelousy, greed, political naivety and sheepish mentality!

"...if the University professors [the enlightened class - in persian: "roshanfekran"] all 'saw' Khomeinis image in the moon, its because we Iranians are a bunch of sheep, we follow whats 'in vogue' I have interviewed hundreds of so called 'educated' iranians and they all say that they went out and shouted ' margh bar Shah' ['death to the shah'] not becuase they were unemployed, hungry or destitute (ingredients for a revolution) but ONLY beacuse everyone else did it!!! and why did everyone else do it?? beacuse we iranians are born 'Hasood' [jelous] we hated the Shah because he had prestige, he spoke 3 languages, he had a beautiful wife and he had Grace and style and he loved being Iranian and loved Iran!! The sad part was that we all had and felt the same thing (except the wife maybe!!) but we still opted to go out and support a Goat in place of a graceful peacock!! and now all of us have reached 'goh khori' [persian expression literally meaning "eating your own shit"]! Our women are being sold to Afghans and Arabs as sex slaves, our economy in tatters, our prestige destroyed and as a result we are all refugees in far away countries calling ourselves 'Persians' rather than Iranians because of how much the term IRanian has turned deragotory thanks to our Ayatollahs! We all ran away and ass kissed everyone to get foreign passports (me included) when the Iranian passport was one of [a] few in the world that was accepted visa free almost globally! Thanks to who?- THE SHAH, whom all of us , even the so called 'educated' one hated so much!

So pls lets all go back and continue looking at the moon, hoping to see Khomeinis ass smiling in our face, thanking us for giving the Akhunds something they never had- Power, money and no accountability to anyone!!!...."

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HOVEYDA said...

I congratulate you and agree 100%100 with the excerpt from the compatriot on the topic of"Why som Iranians revolted against the late Shah of Iran"Its due to their ignorance of the reforms done by the Shah and specially by the foreign Media and coutries whish they did not want to see Iran as a greate country being a member of the six beggest of the world JET6.