Saturday, October 11, 2008

Field Marshal Bahram Aryana

An old interview with Iranian patriot and Field Marshal Bahram Aryana in Paris, uploaded by SarbazeKuchak.

Iran neshaste ast! Clip by Mani Turkzadeh.


Anonymous said...

your shah's name was "Mohammed" was he called after a satanic massanger?!! I say yes he was. Simply because the shah also was satanic and much filthy as those mullas in Iran!

Aryamehr said...


The Shah's first name was Mohammad; now if idiots like you do not understand the history behind why there are so many Iranians with Islamic names (Ali, Hossein, Mohammad etc) it is no wonder why my motherland is the shiite-hole idiots like you and savages like the muslims in power have made it. Having an Islamic name does not automatically mean you are a devout muslim who has ten whores as wives, views women as subhumans, and stone people to death. Islam and its proponents have been in charge of and infested that country and its minds for the great part of 1400 years - now that is destined to have had some kind of an impact don't you think wise guy? You muslims don't stop surprising...