Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Infighting within the occupational Islamic Republic escalates

Recently a member of the occupational Islamic Republic's "Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission", Abbas Palizdar, spilled the beans on several of the regime's senior clerics. Despite its clear significance this revelation merely touches the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the deep-corruption that runs rampant in the Islamic theocracy's leadership. It should also be mentioned here that Abbas Palizdar has been singled out as belonging to the Ahmadinejad and Revolutionary Guards faction since none of the revelations mention any individuals connected to this faction - which itself is marked by perhaps even deeper corruption and stealing of Iran's wealth than the former!

For those who follow Iranian affaires these revelations are old news (not this much details though) but the fact that an official has come public with them makes this an opportunity for the Iranian people to capitalize upon in building further pressure on this occupational regime. Nevertheless our compatriots should not be fooled to think that characters like Abbas Palizdar who are involved in this kind of infighting are on the peoples' side. In fact this might very well be one of the goals of Palizdar in duping people into believing he represents the "innocent faction" or better yet that he is "with the people" when in fact that is as far away from the truth as possible. Iranians should not be so gullible to make heroes out of these criminals who change colours whichever way the wind is blowing. Apart from being political infighting these individuals hope to be able to manipulate public opinion in a near future by appealing to the overwhelming resentment of the regime through the disclosure of this kind of information that targets regime officials (although in this case targeting only one faction of the regime).

Therefore my take on this story is that these now official revelations need to be capitalized upon in order to build further pressure on the occupational regime and to bring greater awareness to those Iranians who are not privy to these kind of revelations, yet at the same time we should not be fooled into building heroes out of these criminals who are only looking after their own and their own self-interest.

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