Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Norooz - 2567 - Khojasteh Baad!

I couldn't find a better way to convey my best wishes to all true Iranians on the occasion of the Iranian New Year (persian: "Norooz") than our compatriot "GardunehMehr's" comments:

faraa residan'e khojasteh norooz'e jamshidi'ra beh hameh rasteen iranian'e paak'dell shad'bash migoyam!

norooz'etan pirooz!
harooz'etan norooz!

beh omid'e aan roozi keh norooz'ra dar irani azaad va abaad jashn begirim!

With best wishes of health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year (Iranian Imperial Year 2567) and with the hope that this year will be the last year that our motherland is under Islamic occupation!


Sohrab said...

Nowrouzat mobarak aryamehr!

Aryamehr said...


Noroozat Pirooz! Haroozat Norooz! ;)

Winston said...

سال نو مبارک

Aryamehr said...


Noroozat Shaadbaad

Unknown said...

Nowrouze shoma dostan ve hemmehenan mobarak bad.

I hoop we celebrate the next Nowrouz
together in the land of Cyrus and the land of light as a free iranian.

Aryamehr said...


Noroozat Farkhondeh Baad!

Ardeshir Dolat said...

سال نو شاد باد

Aryamehr said...


Noroozat Khojasteh Baad!

ARDALAN said...

سال 7030 میترایی آریایی، 3746 زرتشتی، 2567 شاهنشاهی و 1387 خورشیدی. اگرچه پیامبراسلام 1387سال پیش هجرت کردند ولی سرزمین آریایی من 5645 سال پیش از آن نوروز را جشن می گرفت 2361 سال پیش از آن مردمان این دیار، خدای را ستایش می کردند و کوروش 1182 سال پیش از آن دوستی را در جهان گسترانید. پیشینه سرزمین من بسی بیشتر از1387 سال می باشد.
به سرزمین خود ببالید

The year of 7030 Aryan (Mitrayi), 3746 Zoroastrian, 2567 Imperial, 1387 Solar. Although Muslim's Prophet moved in 1428 years ago (1387) but my Aryan fatherland made celebrate the new year in 5645 years before it....!!!! they was worshiping to God, in 2361 years before it...!!! and Cyrus the Great distributed the FRIENDSHIP in all the world 1182 years before it...!!! My fatherland has so much longer than 1387 years history... be pride and have boast on your fatherland

Aryamehr said...


You are very right my friend. Noroozat Pirooz Baad!

saggezard said...

Happy new year and wishing for you the best, and freedom for all Iranians from despotism.