Friday, July 27, 2007

Shahanshah Aryamehr - July 27 - Cairo - Egypt

Her Imperial Majesty the Empress of Iran at the site of her husband's temporary tomb - Shahanshah Aryamehr; Cairo, Egypt, July 2007. HIM the Empress also paid tribute to the memory of President Anwar Sadat who was the only head of state that stood by the Shah and remained a true friend of the Iranian Nation as the international community (Europe/U.S.) went ahead with their plans to establish chaos and anarchy in Iran through the establishment of a "green belt" policy.

To hear HIM the Empress' message on this occasion in Cairo CLICK HERE.
To read a statement by HIM the Empress please CLICK HERE.

Ravaneh aan do Abarmardeh Iranparaste Irani, Shahanshahane Pahlavi, Shaad Baad.


Winston said...

A great patriot who loved Iran until his last moment of existence

Anonymous said...

My Late majesty Shahnshah Aryamehr you are in my heart and soul forever, we love you dearest Imperial Majesty the king of the kings and all my best regards to my dearest Shahbanou Farah pahlavi that i also love Tirdad Gharib.