Monday, October 09, 2006

"Western" politicians shamelessly try to depict Iran as a "democracy"!

A few years back an idiot to U.S. Deputy Sec. of State, Richard Armitage, called Iran a "democracy". Now it's the turn of some bastard British politicians to follow suit!

"Iran is a democracy, however odious parts of the regime may be. North Korea is a dictatorship led by a man who people don't know very much about," said a source in Whitehall, seat of Britain's government.
Surely these kind of insulting statements must somehow be in line with some "western" politicians' agenda of fooling public opinion that the Mullah's are a democratic society and that Iranians live in a democracy!

Someone tell these fools that elections in democracies do not filter out "un-desirable individuals" - in this case those who oppose the Islamic Republic in any shape or form, women, and non-muslims (that would be anything from Christians, Zoroastrians, to Atheists!). Only those deemed friendly to the Islamist regime are allowed to run in the sham-elections! They are hand-picked from amongst themselves! These "elec-shows" which the Mullah's hold every 4 years seem to be for the sole interest of their European partners in crime to be able to justify and fool public opinion into believing that this terrorist and savage theocracy is a "democracy"!

I won't even go into the crimes against humanity that this disgustingly backward Islamic Republic has commited upon the Iranian Nation!

I've said it before and i'll say it again . The enemy of the Iranian Nation is a much larger force than some backward mullah's ! The Iranian Government and the late Shah had to deal with and face this enemy before the Islamists were able to destabilize and hijack the country. We where well on our way to be able to confront this enemy but we suffered a terrible loss in 1979! Lets learn for the future!

Do these "peepole" have no shame in saying something so absurd as "the Islamic Republic is a democracy"!!!?



Anonymous said...

There is always 101 reasons given why other nations haven't and won't intervene to help Iranians set Iran free. This is despite all the rhetoric coming out of all sorts of places about the mullah regime. The reason to me is simple. It isn't and hasn't been in the interest of most Western nations to see a free, prosperous Iran. The mullahs learned from what happened to the Shah and now are playing the field in all sorts of places including infiltrating some high places in Western governments. The mullahs don't play as "friends" to the West because they learned from what happened to the late Shah that only friends can be betrayed not enemies. I believe the West will be taught a good lesson too by the mullahs and they won't know it until it is too late. So much for stupidity, appeasement, rhetoric and excuses.

Aryamehr said...

The Mullah's just want to stuff their stomachs full and fill their foreign bank accounts with stolen Iranian money; they could care less about Iran, Iranians, development, progress or any such thing! They are only thankful when these "western" politicians praise their barbaric rule as being a "democratic"!!!

Anonymous said...

Recently the incompetent Brian Williams and other equally moronic and inept journalists failed to ask Mahmood Shah how dare he can talk about referendum in Palestine as a means of deciding the future of the state of Israel and Palestinians in Palestine while in Iran people have been jailed or killed even at the suggestion of holding a referendum on Velayat Fagheeh, the most anti democratic, brutal and tyrannical principal in Islamic republic, which gives a blanket veto power to a single un-elected clergy over all elected officials.

Democratic velayate fagheeh rule is an oxymoron and only lazy journalists or European with agenda feign ignorance not knowing better. The sham election process in Iran is only a public relation stunt to shut the world community up. I think "A View" is right. The west is in for a rude awakening.

Tyrannical King = velyateh faghih

There is no difference. There is no democracy.

Anonymous said...

Well, yes. It seems to me that calling Islamic Republic a “Democracy” is another “excuse” by some in various Western governments to keep the mullahs in power.

Of course, I agree with your post and comment. I believe even those who do call Islamic Iran regime a democracy with democratic processes know that it isn’t – it isn’t rocket science but it is Politics. And, these politics, if continued, will ultimately work to the detriment of the West. This is what I was implying in my previous comment

Anonymous said...

Engl. politics& mullahregime& BBC they have a lot of common characteristics.

Aryamehr said...

"a view": if that's what you meant then i'm with you.

"anon": You probably know that i'm a Monarchist, therefore I do not see it fit to compare a lowly Mullah with the term "King". A King to me encompasses all the positive forces of a nation and ofcourse a unifying figurehead. A Mullah represents the most backward and dangerous force that one can identify.

"na": BBC isn't about to drop its agenda on Iran anytime soon! They are launching a persian language TV station shortly! I'll have an entry on it!

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: I knew you would say that. I hear you and I'm with you but the term king was used as a heuristic to prove a point effectively to those who don't even know what King means. That's why I qualified the word king with the adjective "tyrannical".

Aryamehr said...

Anon, i understand your intentions but you could have got your point across effectively by simply using the term "tyrant".

For those who don't know what Kingship encompasses this only makes their views and opinions even more skewed/flawed; this is how I see it from my stance as a Monarchist...