Thursday, July 20, 2006


I'll be on vacation for a few weeks starting today and wish everyone a very nice summer!



Chester said...

Have fun!

Winston said...

take care

Chester said...

Sorry to interrupt your vacation, but there's been news about Batebi being arrested and the accusations against him have begun.
I told you he was next to be doubted and attacked.

Aryamehr said...

Hey guys, thanks for your comments.

Chester, yes i've read the news on that.

For the Islamic Republic it doesn't matter whether the spotlight is on them or not - they will do AS THEY PLEASE, and we have seen how the European as well as the American governments have NOT taken any CONCRETE action to help the Iranian people but a few empty words from the American administration; at least that is more than what the European governments have done - it's not strange though when most of them have diplomatic and LUCRATIVE trade relations with the terrorist Islamic Regime and actively support its existance and support the prolongment of their reign of terror on the Iranian population.

Also pay attention as the Islamic Republic is speeding up its efforts for acquiring a nuclear weapon(s) as THEY have been able to divert the spotlight to their proxy organization Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The international community is aware of all the crimes against humanity that the Islamic Republic has commited and IS commiting as well as its terrorist activities across the world, but the international community isn't doing a damn thing about it apart from people like you and me, freedom-loving citizens, who do our best to get our compatriots voices heard abroad, and people like Amir-Abbas Fakhravar who has had to endure torture under Islamic Republic but has been able to escape the country and try to bring the voice of the Iranian nation to the people of the world. I hope that our compatriots inside will organize themselves and once and for all rid our country of this terrorist regime that has hijacked our country and trampled on our culture for 27 years; and at the same time I hope that the opposition abroad can get their acts together and UNITE for the sake of our country and people.

The people of Iran HAVE TO decide their destiny and future.

There's much that i've wanted to higlight in my blog that has happened recently but my internet-time is limited...

Lastly, i'd like to honor the memory of two Great Iranian Kings, Reza Shah the Great and our late King Shahanshah Aryamehr who both passed away on this date (27 July different years) many years ago. Their service to their country was not in vain. We might not have had a population in 1979 that was ready to defend sacred Iranian ideals, stand up for them, and defend our culture, although the Pahavi Dynasty had gone to great lengths in instilling nationalism in our people after 1400 years of Arabo-Muslim influence and occupation in our country, but their efforts were only the beginning of what I hope will be a much brighter future for future generations to come. May God bless their souls and forgive the Iranian nation for their silence in 1979 when the country was hijacked by Arabo-Muslims and brainwashed or outright treasonous (MKO/Communist kind!) Iranians.

Payandeh Iran!

Anonymous said...

This is one looong vacation. It is Aug. 15th already and still you're not back yet.

Aryamehr said...

ANON, i'm back! ;)

Chester said...

Hello - Welcome back