Saturday, April 22, 2006

Profile of an Iranian Freedomfighter: Ahmad Batebi

Ahmad Batebi was arrested by the savage security forces of the Islamic Republic occupying Iran in July of 1999 when wide-spread student led demonstrations erupted in the capital, Tehran. During the widespread demonstrations the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic and its merceneries attacked students at their dormitories in the middle of the night and caught them off guard. Many Iranian students were thrown out from the windows of their rooms and others were killed by savage thugs of the Islamic regime.

The famous photograph on Ahmad Batebi holding up the blood-stained shirt of one of his fellow students was on the frontpage of international newspapers and magazines which lead to greater awareness of this young Iranian's plight. Ahmad Batebi was arrested and charged on charges of "endangering national security" and is to this day held by the Islamic Republic! As Batebi's health condition is deterioating rapidly, with alleged torture taking place today I've read news reports that state the death sentence has been handed downn on Ahmad Batebi by the Islamic Court Branch 13!


Listen to Declan Lowney, the director of award winning comedy series Father Ted and Amnesty UK's 'We Know Where You Live!', outline Amnesty concerns over the treatment of Ahmad Batebi in Iran.

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The picture of the Christ-looking Mr. Batebi decorated the cover of the
prestigious British magazine "The Economist", prompting the Islamic
authority of Iran to condemn him to death.
But his death sentence was commuted to 15 years
imprisonment under heavy pressures from national and
international rights groups. The British National Union of Students made him
a Honorary Member.

In a dramatic "public letter" written while in prison, Mr. Batebi
depicted the gloomy situation of Iranian political prisoners; the tortures
they are subjected by the Islamic authorities and the ill treatments the
prisoners suffer, including their mixing with criminals.

The letter, that shocked the international public opinion, was translated
and distributed by the Los Angeles-based Student Movement Coordination
Committee for Democracy in Iran that has branches inside Iran.

To read the translation of the letter in English please click here
To read original letter in Farsi Please click here
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There is a petition to free Ahmad Batebi here:

Please do sign it and spread awareness of all Iranian political prisoners and the savagery of the Islamic Republic!


Anonymous said...

Dear Aryamehr,
I haven't had the chance to read your blog yet, just a cursory comment: the flag you are using, Lion and Sun but with a straight sword, is the one used by the Mojahedin, not His Majesty.

Aryamehr said...

Dear Amir,

Thanks for your comments.

The Lion and Sun flag that i'm using is not used by the Mojahedin, it's a flag designed by IPC (IranPoliticsClub). The Mojahedin in fact use the same Lion and Sun flag with the bent (arabic "zolfogar") sword as the Imperial Flag; the Imperial Iranian flag looks the same as the one the Mojahedin uses plus the fact that it has a crown above the sun.

I love our rich Iranian culture and reject any arabic influence that has overshadowed it as an effect of the arab invasion 1400 years ago.

I support all Iranians who are bringing Iranians back to their own culture and enlightening them about what took place 1400 years and in light of this i've chosen this flag with a straight Iranian sword.

I just had a glance at your blog and hopefully tomorrow i'll have some more time to look at it more in depth. I'll make sure to leave some comments as well.

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